Leader Lab 1 - Habit Building

A common occurrence for us all is the overuse of devices.

Although many of us would like to reduce our intake of social media, it's hard to say no when it's easier to just reach for the phone than not reach for it. Long term, however, this creates a sense of disappointment and a feeling of "where has my time gone?". Habit building is about prioritising what is important to you. To be the champion of your life, which in practical terms means being a champion of your time. Unfortunately devices prevent us many times from achieving this.

The best way to convince yourself that changing a habit would be a good idea is to have clear reasons why this is so. Here are a couple of resources to help you get to that point where you are convinced and want to change a certain habit that is not allowing you reach your goals or be the person you want to be.

Cal Newport has one of the best Ted Talks on why it's worth quitting social media

There are also some great podcasts on use of time, learning from those who have tried and tested various ways of overcoming those insidious obstacles that prevent you from making the best use of your time.

The Art of Manliness, a website with some great podcasts, is an ideal platform to learn more about habit-building. It's worth ignoring the title "The Art of Manliness" considering we are women but nonetheless, the interviewer - Bret McKay - really drills down to how to live a meaningful life but building habits that will help you.

Here's one: Podcast #450: How to Make Time for What Really Matters Every Day

And another one: Podcast #61: The Power of Habit With Charles Duhigg