Clodagh Edwards gives the first Leader Lab of 2017/2018

Clodagh Edwards speaking to Momentum Participants at Facebook Offices, Dublin

We kick-started the first Leader Lab of the year with Clodagh Edwards, CEO of Image Magazine. Held in Facebook Offices (Dublin), Clodagh gave a wonderful insight into our professional experience as CEO giving key ideas to get the most out of your job.

She focused on three key ideas:

Focus – the importance of focusing on what you are doing in the moment. If you are working, work hard, if you are with family, then switch off and go into Airplane mode with your devices. You need to be fully engaged in whatever you are doing. Also work in the job as if you are in a position to really contribute in the workplace. If you are temporary staff at the beginning of your career, focus your contribution as if you are permanent staff. You will become who you want to be by being that person today. Put your whole heart into it.

Unite – a workplace environment is what you make of it. You need to contribute to this environment by building trust and open communication among your colleagues. In an atmosphere of trust and confidence, everyone works better and really enjoys themselves. Rather than Divide and Conquer, Unite and Conquer.

Passion – passion is not something you simply turn on. Whatever you are interested in now is probably what you will passionate about in the future. If you love a subject in school, as yourself whether this is the career you should be choosing. You are who you are and you don’t simply change with time.

We would like to give particular thanks to Jonathan Dean in Facebook Offices for making this event so special and the staff at Facebook who gave of their time to welcome us. Particularly Carmel O’Sullivan who introduced the event and shared some of her experiences of working at Facebook.