Eat that Frog!

Eat that Frog is a short concise book on key ideas to achieve day-to-day. We have things to do: exams, essays, projects. Whatever it is: these things are either tadpoles or frogs. Tadpoles are the easy things that we are pretty happy to do: send an email, do some homework we are good at, go to piano lessons. Frogs are a different story! They are the task that we dread but that we know we need to do them. But we come up with a number of reasons why we don’t “eat the frog”: “not now, I’m too tired” or I don’t have time. But the frogs are more important than the tadpoles. Frogs are the final exams: the French orals, the grade 8 piano exam, the project we need to hand in.

This small book – you can download it just as easy as a pdf here – is so simple but so effective. If you follow this simple rule: eat the frog just a little every day before you eat the tadpole, you’ll be amazed what you will accomplish! Go for it! It’s worth it 🙂

Eat That Frog is also available on Amazon