Prof Colette Cowan talking about Perseverance and Passion

We were delighted to have Prof Colette Cowan present the final leader lab of the semester at Momentum Leadership. Prof Colette Cowan, CEO of the University of Limerick hospital group, talked to the Momentum girls about Perseverance and Passion. Colette took a slightly different approach than the rest of the speakers we have been lucky enough to hear. Colette decided not to use a power point presentation but began by showing the girls a clip from a short film called ‘The Heart of Compassion’. She then asked the girls to reflect on this clip and think about what they had just watched.

The video left a lump in all our throats and I think I can speak for everyone in saying that it  made you realise how important it is to put yourself in others peoples shoes. Colette told us that she shows this short film to her employees every so often to remind them to take a moment and think about patients as they experience their hospital stay and what they might be going through. Colette talked to us about her journey before she became CEO of the UL hospital group, starting her career as a nurse and going on to serve as the first Group Director of Nursing and Midwifery for the West North West hospital group. Colette now leads an organisation providing acute health services to approximately 3,500 staff spread across six sites in Limerick, Clare and Tipperary, leading the reform agenda at UL Hospitals Group. Colette spoke about the importance of team work and the key qualities she looks for in employees. She explained how important exercise and nutrition are and also discussed her work-life balance.

We live in a world where technology has sped up and there’s never a dull moment. As it evolves, so do we or we get left behind. It was extremely interesting to hear Colette talk about the €2.8M
investment in Da Vinci, a robot who practices surgical procedures on patients in the Limerick hospital. Colette told us that Da Vinci is controlled by surgeons using 4D screening, carrying out surgeries on cancer patients 5 times faster than human doctors can. Da Vinci has encouraged not only just young doctors and nurses from Ireland but from all over the world to want to work for ULH. Colette’s presentation on Perseverance and Passion was one to remember and the perfect way to end our semester of Leader Labs here at Momentum!

Article – The Irish Times.I am here for patients and that is why I love what I do’