The social project is held in Majur, Croatia. A village with an estimate 300 inhabitants. We will be staying in a small school located in the village of Majur (an hour and 30 minutes away from the Capital of Zagreb). Majur is located 5 minutes drive from the border with Bosnia.


The social project aims to help each girl grow in an understanding and appreciation of team-work and working with others in the village of different socio-economic and cultural background.

The village of Majur and its surrounding areas was badly affected by the Yugoslavan War of the 1900s. The majority of the villagers lost loved ones in the war. There is a lack of hope and vision for the future in the village. Many farms and houses are abandoned and destroyed. There is a significant generation gap: elderly minding young children while their parents are working and living in Zagreb most of the time.

This will be our third year doing a social project in Majur. We work very closely with the Mayor of the town and also an organization in Zagreb who established the initial links to do the project in the village.

The projects is very hands-on. We paint and clean every morning. We do this with the other villagers. The Mayor sees it as a way of helping the younger generation there to value teamwork and hard work (as for many of the villagers, living under Communism and then experiencing a War, they simply do not have the habit of work and application to change things in their community).

We received an email not so long ago from the Mayor saying “I look forward to your visit next year, the whole of Majur is alive when you come”. This is precisely what we aim to achieve – to show them we care, to bring hope and give them that support even for if it is just for 10 days.


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