Rosanne Longmore, CEO of Coroflo

Rosanne Longmore CEO CorofloRosanne Longmore, CEO of Coroflo, gave us a brilliant Leader Lab yesterday evening. She talked about "The Power of Attitude" and highlighted key points in improving your attitude to the challenges and difficulties that we face daily. Among a number of tips that were given during her Leader Lab, she focused particular attention on body language. Even if you don't feel confident or happy, you can change your attitude by changing your body language: smiling more, changing your posture. She recommended a TED talk given by Amy Cuddy (see below). Another point she highlighted is that in each step in your journey through life and especially thinking of your professional development, you start from the bottom. But to not think of this as a negative but as a positive element of professional development and growth. In the same way we start from the bottom to climb a mountain, we also start from the bottom in each step along the way: we begin secondary school, we're small 1st year students; we begin college, we're the youngest on campus; we begin in the workplace, we're the new ones on the block. To see all these stages as moments of growth and opportunity.

Rosanne Longmore is CEO of Coroflo. She has 15 years experience in financial services and has worked across different business units including wealth management and client service operations. Having qualified from the University of Limerick, Rosanne completed further industry qualifications with the Institute of Project Management and the Institute of Bankers.Rosanne has an impressive track record in analysing multi-layer operational issues across organisations, liaising with stakeholders and providing workable and efficient solutions. From a people and practical perspective, Rosanne has managed teams in demanding, target-driven, results-focused environments to achieve strategic improvements and progress.