About us

We help young women achieve their ambitions to be future leaders.

We are a team of female professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to inspire, encourage and empower young women. 

We started with a simple idea: to help young women to visualise their professional future. That idea developed into the programme we have today. 

We want to give young women the confidence to to truly believe that they can contribute to society. 

We want to inspire to develop leadership skills and qualities that will stand to them in the future. 

We want to empower them to be active agents with their daily decisions to change the environment for the better. 

Empowering Young Women

We empower young women to acquire the leadership skills needed to make an impact in society.  To build on leadership qualities and bring them into the workplace in the future.

Connecting with Female Leaders

Amazing women have forged incredible careers. We connect with them to hear their story. The leader labs create the ideal platform where they share their professional experience, showing how they live out key leadership qualities in the day to day life of their career. 

Collaborating with Charities

We work with other Charities so that we can share our energy and efforts in being a support and encouragement to them.  This is done in Dublin during the academic year and abroad during the summer. 

Momentum Leadership Team

All of us on the Momentum Leadership team do this programme voluntarily. We are enthusiastic and idealistic about our plan: to help young women truly make an impact in society. 

If you would like to give your time your time to this great cause, here are some of the many ways you can get involved:  mentoring, social impact or administrative support. 

Apart from volunteering with us, we also meet together to enjoy to learn from each other and receive the support in mentorship. 

Mentoring: each young woman who takes part in the programme is pair with a mentor.

Social Impact: each young woman gives an hour of their time per month to volunteer in a Charity. One of us on the team accompanies a group of 4 or 5 to different Charities each month. 

Administrative and marketing: outside the set hours of mentoring and volunteering, we are always happy to receive any help to run this programme successfully.  

Get involved

Join the Momentum Leadership team - a small group of colleagues who meet regularly to learn new skills and provide mentorship to young women.