August 19, 2017

Year 2

Unlike year 1 of Momentum Leadership there is the added advantage of knowing the participants more, hence there is more interaction. There is also the chance of going on two trips with everyone of the group:  a 2-day social project and a trip to Barcelona.

Line Up of the Year

  • Leader Lab 1: September 20 in Facebook Offices. See article about this Leader Lab. 
  • Leader Lab 2: October 25 in Glenard
  • Social Impact 1: October Midterm: scheduled to suit
  • Leader Lab 3: November 8 in Glenard
  • January 3 and 4 - Social Impact Slots: Jan 3 (St Vincent de Paul) and Jan 4 (Cheeverstown)
  • Leader Lab 3: January 17 in Orix Aviation
  • Leader Lab 4: February 21 in Glenard
  • Barcelona Trip:  April 4-7 (Leader Lab 5 & Social Impact) 

Study Facilities in Glenard are open to Year 2 Momentum Participants: on the day of the Leader Labs (Wednesdays) and also the days of the Social Impact. 

Leader Lab 1

clodagh edwards

Clodagh Edwards, CEO of Image Publications – Held in Facebook Offices on Sep 20 @ 7.30pm

Finding your passion? Put your heart in it and you will find purpose. Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way. 

As CEO of IMAGE Publications since 2015, Clodagh has reinvented an iconic brand into a modern, relevant media business. In her first year as CEO, the profits at IMAGE Publications increased tenfold and has recently been awarded Digital Product of the Year 2016 for the third year in a row.

See article about the Leader Lab

Leader Lab 2

andrew mullaney

Andrew Mullaney, CTO and co-founder of NewsWhip – Held in Glenard University Residence on Oct 25 @ 7.30pm

CTO and co-founder of NewsWhip
NewsWhip is a social discovery and content analytics platform that tracks and predicts engagement from the world's news and social, powering a suite of products used by journalists, editors, marketers, communications and PR professionals.

News Items on NewsWhip

EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalists: Paul Quigley & Andrew Mullaney, NewsWhip

How two Irish founders whipped media startup into a worldwide trending hit


Leader Lab 3

Susanna Cawley

Susanna Cawley, Solicitor – Held in Glenard University Residence on Nov 8 @ 7.30pm

Qualified as a practising solicitor in February 1997. She has a degree in Economics and Politics and a masters Degree in Economics.

Susanna is a partner in the firm and practises in the area of private clients and commercial law. She also focuses on the provision of a wide range of services including financial, tax and estate planning including wills, administration of estates, conveyancing both commercial and private, agricultural property, commercial law, company law and family law.

Leader Lab 4

Orix Aviation

Orix Aviation Team – Held in Orix Aviation on Jan 17 @ 7.30pm

 Leader Lab will take place at Orix Aviation Offices on Wednesday, January 17, 7.30-8.30pm. 

Since 2003, ORIX Aviation has been the unique Standard & Poor’s ranked aviation asset manager and service provider of choice

Leader Lab 5

Rosanne Longmore

Rosanne Longmore, CEO of Coroflo – Held in Glenard on Feb 21 @ 7.30pm

Leader Lab Topics for Year 2

clodagh edwards


Finding your passion? Put your heart in it and you will find purpose. Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way. 



Self-fulfillment is founded and nurtured on empowering others. How can I help others to reach their fulfillment?



Fear of speaking in public can hold you back from reaching your full potential. How to channel your nerves to make the most of the experience. 



Success! When opportunity meets preparation. Courage to grab the opportunity. Courage is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of success.



Emotional Intelligence is key to successful leadership. Find out how to interact, communicate and collaborate successfully with all types of people.



View obstacles and difficulties as opportunities and challenges for personal growth. To stick at something knowing its benefits even if the results are slow in coming.


Trip to Barcelona

Wednesday, April 4
Flight: Dublin to Barcelona (am)

Thursday and Friday, April 5 and 6
Tour of World Renowned Business School 
Leader Lab with Keynote Speaker
Tour of Barcelona

Saturday, April 7
Flight: Barcelona to Dublin (pm)