Leadership for young women


Momentum Leadership Programme is made up of three components.
Leader Labs

Interactive sessions given by experienced moderators. The sessions involve experiential learning, lively discussions, short videos, case studies and Q&A focused on specific leadership qualities.

Social Impact

Social impact empowers each participant to make a positive impact in the community. Each participant can choose which charity she would like to work with.


With the help of a mentor each participant sets personal goals based on Leader Lab to develop key leadership skills in their own lives.

Our Mission

Inspiring young women to make an impact in society

Each person has what it takes to be someone great. Momentum Leadership helps young women to unlock the potential that lies within them. It creates the environment for each participant to discover her capacity and gives her the tools to become her personal best.

We are committed to help young women aspire to have a deep, positive and lasting impact on people, the work place and society; to inspire leaders to work with a spirit of service and integrity.

Our mission is articulated in the programme’s content and carried out by young professionals who want to support young women in reaching their potential.

  • Momentum Participants

    Number of teenagers who participate in the programme during the year.

  • Momentum Volunteers

    Number of young professionals who give of their time to mentor or accompany Momentum participants during the programme.

  • Social Impact Hours

    Number of hours given to helping different Charities impact in their community.

  • Leader Lab Moderators

    Experienced professionals who volunteer to share their insights on leadership qualities in the workplace.

Our Team

Catherine McMahon
Catherine McMahon
Dynamic and highly-motivated youth development professional (+15 years). Social entrepreneur passionate about helping young women to unfold their full potential and make a positive impact on society.
Maire Cassidy
Maire Cassidy
Managing Director
Throughout her career Maire has always worked with teenagers and on many programmes and social initiatives. Passionate about social work and volunteering she has volunteered on many social projects at home and abroad.
Moya Ryan
Moya Ryan
Account Manager
Moya has a BA in Spanish from UCD and been involved for several years in organising international study and activity programmes for young people. Currently working in university administration, Moya strives to challenge young people to look outside themselves and to go that extra mile in all facets of their lives. She is a keen sportsperson and is very involved in coaching and managing school and club teams.
Maria Belizon
Maria Belizon
Product Director
Her interest in youth development and social outreach led her to become a youth leader and mentor over 12 years ago. Since then, she has been involved in different projects on a pro-bono basis.

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