Frequently Asked Questions


Logistics of the Programme

is the programme only for transition year students?

Yes. However, some girls who have done the programme before and want to continue doing it, can do it again in 5th Year.

How many transition years do the programme?

We run this programme for 50 Transition Year students.


It costs €150 for the entire year.

This programme is not profit making. The payment covers Administrative fees and other expenses (e.g. travel) related to the moderators and coaches who give generously of their time and effort to ensure this programme is a success.

Payment is needed before attending the first Leader Lab in September.


If you are not happy with the programme or unable to complete it, we offer a full refund 30 days from the date of payment.

Organisers of the Programme

Who are the Group mentors?

The Group Mentors are made up of the team leading the programme and also young professionals who have volunteered their time to help out in the programme. This programme is principally run on a voluntary basis.

why is this programme run by volunteers?

We firmly believe that young women should have the chance to grow in key leadership skills to truly make an positive impact in the workplace and in society. The emphasis is on service to society and the needs of others. We don’t promote leadership skills for personal material success but rather for genuine happiness and service of others.

To find out more about the research we have done, click here.

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What organisation oversees this programme?

Momentum Leadership is an initiative of Brosna, a Charity that aims to promote education and character development in accordance with Christian principles and ideals.

These ideals are inspired by the lay Christian spirit fostered by St Josemaría Escriva, and Brosna works with the Prelature of Opus Dei, a Catholic Church institution.

Brosna Educational Centres Clg - Registered Charity: CHY 6329

Content of the Programme

What does the programme include?

The programme includes:

  1. Leader Labs

  2. Group Mentoring

  3. Social Impact

Where is the programme held?

The majority of the programme is held in Microsoft Offices (Leopardstown) and Glenard University Residence (Clonskeagh). Some of the Leader Labs are held in different companies (all in South Dublin).

The Social Impact Visits are held in different Charities.

What is commitment involved for the programme?

The main part of programme involves meeting twice a month on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. See Schedule.

There are also three Social Impact Visits during the year (October, December and April) which happens on a Saturday. Hours vary depending on the Charity.

what is group Mentoring?

Group mentoring is when you team up with 6 or 7 other TY students and with the help of two Mentors tease out aspects of leadership skills. This is done with case studies, questionnaires, videos, etc. And the end of the mentoring, you come away with one or two goals to work on during the month (e.g. time management).

Which Charities do we work with for the social impact?

We currently work with three Charities:

Leopardstown Hospital
Cheeverstown (Templeogue)
Citywise (Jobstown)
Loyola Nursing Home (Merrion Gates)

What is a leader Lab?

A Leader Lab is an hour long session with an experienced moderator who shares his/her personal experience of practicing key leadership skills in the workplace. The format of the Leader Lab is normally 20 minutes personal testimony followed by 20-25 minutes of an interactive element to engage in the material shared.

leadership summer programme

As part of the programme, we offer the possibility to sign up to a 7 day leadership programme in Croatia (Majur is located at the border between Croatia and Bosnia). Details of this programme and how to sign up is shared with participants in October. The project normally takes place the first week of July.

An Gaisce President’s Award

Can I receive the Gaisce Award by doing this programme?

This programme compliments some of the Challenges of the An Gaisce Award:

The Leader Labs and Group Coaching can be used as hours in developing a Personal Skill. There are 7 Leader Labs and 7 Group Coaching Sessions throughout the year.

The Social Impact can be used as part of the Community Involvement Challenge. However, as the hours of Social Impact in the programme do not fulfill the 13 weeks required for the Bronze Award, you need to make up for the rest of the weeks. There are 7 Social Impact hours in the programme. You will need to complete the other 6 outside of the programme.

Once we know you are using the Social Impact hours for your Community Involvement, we are happy to facilitate contact details of Charities.