Empowering Young Women in Leadership



Leader Labs

Interactive sessions with experienced moderators that guide you through a key leadership skill.

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Group Mentoring

Group of participants are given a case study on a key leadership skill and with the help of mentors are helped conclude with specific goals.

Social Impact

Social Impact

Supporting Charities by giving an hour of your time per month to helping those in need.


Leader Lab Topics



We live with distraction. To do something worthwhile, you need focus and perseverance.


Grit is perseverance and passion for long term goals. It’s about approaching any task with steadiness and constancy.


To reach farther in making an impact, you need to count on others, working as a team.


To share vision, you need explain it convincingly; with words that inspire and the ability to truly connect with others.

habit building

Many things we do automatically because we have built up the habit. How do you acquire habits that help you grow in leadership skills?


Happiness comes from being true to yourself. Being a leader requires you to be genuine and real for others.

Programme 2019/20


Two Wednesdays per month (7.30-9pm)

  • Group Mentoring & Social Impact Planning: Oct-09, Nov-13, Jan-08, Feb-05, Mar-11, Apr-01

  • Leader Labs: Sep-25, Oct-23, Nov-27, Jan-22, Feb-26, Mar-25, Apr-22

  • Award Ceremony: May 13

Apart from the two Wednesdays per month, there are also three other appointments scheduled to work with the Charities: one in October, in December and in April. These dates are scheduled separately and depends on the Charity’s needs.

Location: Microsoft Offices (Leopardstown) and Glenard University Residence (Clonskeagh)

Programme costs: €150


DreamSpace, Leopardstown


Glenard University Residence, Clonskeagh